Sword of Catharsus (specific weapon)

The Church of Catharsus are responsible for upkeep of the army of Rynwold. This longsword is the standard issue weapon for members of the clergy above the rank of Initiate. (In game terms, this typically means any fighter, cleric or paladin of at least 2nd level.)

In addition to being a masterwork weapon, the sword is self-maintaining - it never requires cleaning or sharpening, and if damaged repairs one point of damage to itself per hour. It grants its owner a +1 bonus on saves versus fire effects when drawn. Bastard swords of this type are also not uncommon.

Faint evocation, faint good; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, mending, resistance; Price: 915gp. Weight: 4lbs. These statistics are for a longsword - for a bastard sword, increase cost by 20gp and weight by 2lbs.