Rubiel’s Chance (unique weapon)

Once an angel of peace, Rubiel was known for his friendly nature and compassion for all living creatures, and his capacity for alleviating illness and solving disputes without bloodshed far outweighed the combat ability of many of his peers. Once, however, he found himself forced into combat with a dangerous rebel angel to protect a group of mortals, and had no choice but to kill him. Horrified at the realisation that he had slain a fellow angel, Rubiel was overcome by guilt and sealed himself in the weapon of the angel he had slain in the hope of one day finding repentance at the hands of a chosen mortal.

Rubiel’s Chance is a weapon with a modestly celestial appearance - perhaps a few Celestial runes engraved somewhere upon it, or a holy symbol on the hilt. However, the weapon’s type is unknown - it may be a longsword, bastard sword, longbow or some other weapon entirely, since the type of angel Rubiel killed was never recorded. It is fated to find to find its way into the hands of a mortal who has suffered a great deal of hardship in their life, although the bearer need not be particularly heroic or altruistic - one previous owner obtained the weapon by theft.

In addition to being a +2 weapon, Rubiel’s Chance counts as a good-aligned weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The wielder is granted a +2 competence bonus on all Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks.

Rubiel’s Chance is also said to have further power in the hands of the Swift Scion, the weapon’s fated wielder.

Moderate evocation; CL 14th; Price: 10,800gp plus the masterwork weapon cost.