Yrinthakis’ Staff

This potent staff is approximately five feet long, made from black steel and shod with black onyx gems at either end. It is inscribed in great detail with the twisted faces of its creator’s previous victims, as well as the arcane marks of several ill-fated wizards and liches who once opposed him. The staff contains the following spells:

  • Coldball (As fireball but dealing cold damage rather than fire, 10d6, DC14) (1 charge)
  • Summon Undead VI† (1 charge)
  • Summon Monster VI (typically summoning chain devils) (1 charge)

In addition (at the DM’s option), the staff carries a curse. Although performing normally in tests and appearing uncursed to all divinations, the staff backfires when used in earnest by anyone other than its original creator, Yrinthakis. The cold fireball detonates centered on the person activating the staff, or the summoned creatures attack the staff’s wielder.

Yrinthakis has intended to add enervation to the list of spells in the staff, but a lack of time and resources has hampered his efforts. It has an AC of 7, 25 hit points, a hardness of 10, and a break DC of 24.

Moderate evocation; CL 12th; Craft Staff, Energy Substitution, fireball, summon undead vi, summon monster vi; Price: 94,500gp; Weight: 9 lb

I can’t remember where I got summon undead iv. I think I made it up a couple years ago based on the low-level versions. Oh well. If you can’t find one, replace it with maximized coldball.