Healer’s Gauntlets (Unusual wand/staff)

Staves and wands have been created in innumerable different designs and forms, but few as unusual as that of a pair of gauntlets. Paladins and combat clerics favour these, since it allows them to heal themselves and their allies in the midst of a battle without going to the bother of sheathing or dropping one’s weapon in order to draw a healing staff.

Often adorned with the holy symbol of deity of healing or war, the Healer’s Gauntlets act as wands or staves of various healing spells. Both gauntlets must be worn in order for them to function. The spells contained in the gauntlets can vary from pair to pair, but two versions of these gauntlets are the most common.

Healer’s Gauntlets, minor

Each gauntlet stores fifty charges of a spell, and once exhausted each gauntlet can be recharged seperately.

  • Left gauntlet: Cure Light Wounds, 50 charges (750gp and 60 XP to recharge)
  • Right gauntlet: Cure Serious Wounds, 50 charges (5,625gp and 450 XP to recharge)

Healer’s Gauntlets, major

Unlike the minor gauntlet, this version has a total of 50 charges shared between the two gauntlets, as per a staff.

  • Left gauntlet: Lesser Restoration (uses 1 charge)
  • Right gauntlet: Heal (uses 2 charges)

Faint conjuration (minor), moderate conjuration (major); CL 5th (minor), 11th (major); Prerequisites: Craft Wand or Craft Staff, cure light wounds, cure serious wounds (minor), Craft Staff, lesser restoration, heal (major). Price: 12,750gp (minor), 28,125gp (major); Weight: 4 lb.

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Wrathkeeper (January 1st, 2008)

These are BEAUTIFUL. I play both a core paladin with levels of my custom PRC, and a Rebalanced Paladin (Wizards forum). The Minor gauntlets are perfect for my core paladin, and the Major would be wonderful for the Rebalanced, since they have Heal on their spell-list. These are must-haves for any paladin in a low-healing/large party setup. Or, if like me, you do all of the tanking.

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