Eye of Lauviah (Rod)

The lightning demon Lauviah once held this icy crystal ball - a sphere that magnified his power enough to wield his his deadly lightning bolt attack with greater power and range than ever before. For hundreds of years he held his grip on the sphere, his claw still firmly embedded in it when he was eventually slain by a demon jealous of his power. Unable to remove the ball from the Lauviah’s grip, he simply removed and kept the arm it was attached to - the form in which it exists today, albeit hardened and blackened with time.

Five times per day, the wielder of the Eye of Lauviah can fire a bolt of electricity at any target within 30 feet. The bolt requires a ranged touch attack, and deals 4d6 electricity damage (no save). The Eye glows a pale blue when one or more charges remain in it, emitting a very faint crackling noise. It recharges at midnight.

Moderate evocation, moderate evil; CL 10th; Craft Rod, shocking grasp or call lightning; Price: 12,500gp; Weight: 1 lb.

I think I updated this for 17 Relics.