Magicbane (Minor Artifact)

This simple black-handled blade is similar to a longsword in appearance, but reduced in size to that of a dagger. For the purposes of being used in combat, it counts as a +5 keen dagger.

However, only when in the possession of an arcane spellcaster is Magicbane’s true power unleashed. Its base damage increases from 1d4 to 2d4, and on an attack roll of a natural 20 the target must make a Fortitude save, DC24 or be slain instantly. This ability functions even if the the target is normally immune to critical hits, but not against enemies immune to death effects.

Magicbane grants its possessor spell resistance 25, and immunity to death effects, polymorphing, sleep, paralysis and hold effects. The possessor is immune to all curses (such as bestow curse) - except, however, on a roll of a natural 1 on a the save (the possessor is afforded a Will save versus curses which do not normally allow a save). Additionally, the possessor may freely discard any cursed items, and all items he carries are immune to rust and disintegration.

Magicbane does not have to be actually held or wielded for the possessor to gain these benefits, merely keeping it on the owner’s belt is sufficient. Just as well, since the weapon is intelligent and detests being used in actual combat. If the weapon is drawn in earnest combat, an ego conflict occurs, and the wielder must succeed at a Will save (DC31) or be unable to use the dagger as a weapon for one day; success means that it allows itself to be used as a weapon for one day. It has the following ability scores: Int 22, Wis 18, Cha 19; with an Ego score of 31. Its alignment is Neutral and it can communicate telepathically with its owner if within 100ft. It is also unaffected by antimagic or dead magic areas.

In the hands of any other than an arcane spellcaster, the weapon behaves only as a +5 keen dagger. Its preferred owners are wizards and adepts. At the DM’s discretion, it may opt to hide its powers for an owner it deems not a serious arcane spellcaster (a fighter with only one level in wizard, or an assassin).

Strong evocation; CL 19th; Weight 1 lb.

I converted this from Nethack.