Sorcerer’s Armor (specific armor type)

Adventuring sorcerors are all too rarely well armored, and often have to rely on the tougher party members to keep them safe of dangerous traps, monsters and anything else that might be out there. It’s no surprise - few sorcerors, with their limited spell selection, will specialise in defensive spells, and fewer still are willing to wear armor and risk a chance of spell failure. Sorceror’s Armor is a solution to this problem.

Sorceror’s Armor usually resembles a heavy robe or a long, loose-fitting coat. It is designed specifically with freedom of movement in mind, and is always masterwork. While it provides no armor bonus, it can be enchanted just as regular armor can. It has an armor check penalty of 0, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +10 and no arcane spell failure chance.

Price: 800gp; Weight: 5 lb.

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sineWAVE (May 8th, 2008)

Overpowered, surely? The whole point of an armour enhancement bonus is that it improves the armour’s properties (it isn’t a deflecdtion bonus).

Jonathan Drain (May 9th, 2008)

@sineWAVE: Surprisingly not; it costs about the same as equivalent bracers of armor, which a wizard can use. It doesn’t stack with other armor bonuses, like mage armor or bracers of armor.

Differences between bracers of armor and the sorcerer’s armor are that it uses a different slot, costs 800gp more, has a maximum of +5, and can accept miscellaneous buffs like heavy fortification.

sineWAVE (May 9th, 2008)

OK, that makes more sense. Thanks.

Heather (June 28th, 2010)

@Jonathan Drain - you state that the Sorcerer’s Armor costs 800g more than Bracers of Armor, but the cost listed is 800g. Is the actual cost 1800g?

Jonathan Drain (June 28th, 2010)

The cost would be 1,800 gp for Sorcerer’s Armor +1. The 800 gp price listed is for a suit of Sorcerer’s Armor with no enhancement applied.

A related armour enhancement appears in Dragon #358, August 2007, called Caster Armour. This masterwork non-magical enhancement reduces the spell failure chance of a normal suit of armour by 5%, at a cost of 400 gp (light armour), 800 gp (medium armour), or 1,000 gp (heavy armour). By these rules a suit of padded caster armour would cost only 555gp and grant +1 armour to AC before magical enhancement. As padded armour has no check penalty, there is no penalty for not having the appropriate armour proficiency.

Caster mithral chain shirt armour would cost 1,500 gp and afford a +4 armour bonus before enhancement, allowing a maximum dexterity bonus of +6 and again with no armour check penalty or penalty for non-proficiency. However, it does impose a 5% chance of arcane spell failure.

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