Foe defence (armor or shield enhancement)

This armor or shield enhancement protects its wearer better from attacks made by a specified type of creature, similar to how a bane weapon excels in attacking one type of creature. The foe defence property is named for the creature it is keyed to protect against - for example, dragon defence or evil outsider defence. The full list of possible types is given in the description of the bane weapon property.

From attacks by the designated creature type, foe defence armor and shields protect the wearer as if its enhancement bonus was two higher. For example, +3 undead defence armor defends its wearer from a skeleton’s claw attack as if it was +5 armor. This enhancement is especially popular among rangers and dragonslayers.

Foe defence can be appplied to the same armor or shield more than once. Each time, it must apply to a different creature type. If a creature is two types at once, (for example, a lawful evil outsider), the foe defence bonuses stack.

Faint abjuration; CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon monster I, part of a creature of the appropriate type; Market Price: +1 bonus.; Price +1 bonus.