Most Popular Articles

D20 Source published around 455 posts between 2006 and 2010. The following are the top all-time most popular.

  1. Please Don’t Assault the Furniture (2008): Anecdote. A fighter tries to break down a door but gets more than he bargained for.
  2. Play Dungeons & Dragons Online with Gametable (2008): Outdated guide to playing D&D digitally online. Revisited in Tabletop Forge: A New Google+ Gaming App (2012), an app which has since been replaced by
  3. Amusing Orcish Anecdote (2007): Anecdote. A half-orc barbarian is convinced he’s a wizard.
  4. Deep Crow (2007): Monster stats in D&D 3.5 for Penny Arcade’s creature. Later appeared in Pathfinder.
  5. Player’s Guide to D&D 4th Edition (For 3E Players) (2009): A summary of the differences between third and fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons.
  6. D&D’s Five Most Greatest Weapons (2008): Not just the greatest. The most greatest.
  7. Ioun Stone Complete Guide (2008-2010): A nearly complete list of 154 ioun stones from D&D ‘s history.
  8. Hold On, Your Character’s Named Sephiroth? (2006): Anecdote. A fighter tries to dual-wield greatswords.
  9. Hilarious House Rules (2008): Actual house rules from my campaign.
  10. Playing the Rogue (2006): In-depth guide to playing a rogue in D&D 3.5.
  11. Vow of Poverty (2006): Guide to playing the Book of Exalted Deeds feat with any class.
  12. Top Five Fighter Feats (2007): Good fighter feats in D&D 3.5.
  13. Awesome Traps: Drawn and Quartered (2009): A devious trap that divides the party.
  14. Vow of Poverty, Revisited (2007): Further analysis of the true value of the Book of Exalted Deeds feat.
  15. Beyond “You Hit”: Describing Damage (2009): Advice for GMs on narrating the effects of losing hit points.
  16. How Do You Roll Characters? (2006): Discussion on character generation methods.
  17. How Much Is a Gold Piece Worth? (2008): Calculations on the real-world value of a gold coin.
  18. What Do You Use For Miniatures? (2007): Minis and alternatives.
  19. Cheap Alternatives to Miniatures (2010): Revisiting the topic or minis alternatives.
  20. FATAL - Most Misogynistic RPG Ever? (2008): A link to Sartin and MacLennan’s epic review of FATAL, one of the worst 900-page roleplaying games written.
  21. The 5 Most Bad-Ass D&D Villains (2010): The most terrifying NPCs in D&D’s history.
  22. How To Introduce New Players (2009): A guide on making it easier to bring a new guy into an existing campaign.
  23. Is D&D Insider Worth $10? (2009): Cost analysis of D&D 4e’s subscription service.
  24. Challenge Rating Equals Level? Maybe not (2006): Criticism of the D&D 3.5 rule that a level 5 NPC is CR5.
  25. Wizard Needs Food Badly: Eating Monsters (2009): Rules for eating monster corpses in D&D 4e.