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Robot Chicken D&D: Jaundice and the Ballista

posted Saturday, February 20th 2010 by Jonathan Drain
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D&D writer Chris Perkins continues his D&D game for the writers of Robot Chicken. I posted parts one to three and parts four to six. Here’s parts seven through nine, plus DM’s commentary editions of the first four parts.

Click onward for parts eight and nine, the DM’s commentary edition parts one to four, and an important note on the slip-up Chris Perkins makes in an earlier segment.

DM’s commentary

Can I use Darkfire on the door?

In part 5, the DM Chris Perkins rules that a player can’t use the drow Darkfire ability to melt the door, giving the reason that the power specifies “one creature” as its target, and the door isn’t a creature. Attentive viewers noted that the DM did allow players to make a basic attack on the door, which also specifies “one creature” as its target.

The Internet immediately leapt to complain. 4E is too inflexible! 4E’s writers are idiots!

However, Darkfire does not deal fire damage, or any damage – it only illuminates a target. Chris Perkins made the correct ruling, although he gave the wrong reason. Importantly, his quick decision kept the game going, which is the goal of a good DM.


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