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Universal Solution To Every Plothole

posted Wednesday, November 4th 2009 by Jonathan Drain
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What to do when your players find plotholes in your game story?

This week’s Penny Arcade comic has the answer.


  1. Misterecho

    November 4th, 2009

    Very funny. I think i will remember that for future reference!

  2. Tyson J. Hayes

    November 4th, 2009

    Yeah I abuse that a bit in some adventures I’m designing. Except ours is more sci-fi so it it’s “well it’s because of such and such technology.”

    Still hilarious however.

  3. Brandan Landgraff

    November 5th, 2009

    It’s a shame I can’t use that at work when people call for IT support…

  4. Tetsubo

    November 8th, 2009

    My wife’s 94 year old grandmother refers to any complex technology as ‘magic’. Frankly, I find it annoying. She is highly intelligent, a skilled writer and taught school at one time. That she has surrendered in the face of technology bothers me.

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