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Oh no!

posted Sunday, December 24th 2006 by Jonathan Drain
News, Reviews & Culture

Quite an error has occurred. I upgraded the software which runs this blog and accidentally screwed up the database. As far as I know everything’s fine, except that the links at the top of the page have disappeared. Those pages appear to have gone completely.

Meanwhile, a Merry Christmas. Here’s hoping Santa brings you a lot of dice this year!

I ramble about Age of Worms and Vitality Points

posted Sunday, December 17th 2006 by Jonathan Drain
Game DesignThird Edition

The Age of Worms adventure path being serialized in Dungeon magazine lately has piqued my interest and I’m hoping to run it in the Eberron setting, which I’m beginning to take an interest in again. I’m beginning to get a better feel for the tone of Eberron, and Dungeon’s going to great lengths to write up Eberron conversion notes for the adventure – something I’m glad about because the second installment makes heavy references to the deities of core D&D, which really don’t fit anywhere in Eberron.

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Object-Oriented Programming Concepts in Java, Explained with D&D

posted Sunday, December 17th 2006 by Jonathan Drain
None of the Above

I think I finally managed to understand the concept of Interfaces in Java – by comparing it to Dungeons & Dragons. It came to me when I was on the toilet.

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Vow of Poverty

posted Wednesday, December 6th 2006 by Jonathan Drain
Player AdviceThird Edition

The “Vow of Poverty” feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds makes it feasible to play a character without magic items or equipment. In theory, at least – unless you’re a monk or cleric, you actually rely quite heavily on one or more items, such as a wizard’s spellbook. In this article I’m going to try and explain the best way to handle these characters who don’t use equipment. Continue reading this article »

Lord of the Rings: Dwarves Deserve Better

posted Saturday, December 2nd 2006 by Jonathan Drain
None of the Above

Having finally sat down to watch the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD – back to back, in what can only be described as an epic event that spanned the entire day, I have come to three conclusions.

  • Wizards in D&D need staves.
  • Gandalf is badass.
  • Peter Jackson and J. R. R. Tolkien are tree-hugging, elf-humping, dwarf-hating racists.

I’m certainly not the first person to say this, but where were all the dwarves in that movie? It’s acceptable that Gimli doesn’t necessarily get a lot of screen time if that’s what the movie needed, but I draw the line when Legolas beat him in a drinking contest. He’s a dwarf. He’s bearded and stoic. Dwarves are awesome. Clearly, Legolas cheated with some kind of elf magic.

You know where all the dwarves went? I think Peter Jackson knew how awesome dwarves were, and were afraid that putting in too many dwarves would overshadow all the handsome tree-hugging elves. Sure, let the human heroes take centre-stage while Gimli wades staunchly through seven orcs a minute with the barest glance of camera time.

As anyone knows, dwarves are the best race in D&D. A bonus to Constitution in for a penalty to Charisma, a resistance to magic and poison, and a speed penalty that irrelevant if you would wear heavy armour anyway. It’s not as versatile as a bonus feat, but I think we all know that dwarves are basically excellent and deserve more respect. Here’s to seeing more of them in The Hobbit!

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