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Dragon Can’t Spell My Name Either

posted Thursday, September 28th 2006 by Jonathan Drain
Game Design

I finally got my copy of Dragon to see my article in print. Appropriately for the subject matter, the curse of being named Jonathan kicks in – they manage to misspell my name at the top of page 36.

Come on, editors – I know there are at least four ways to spell my forename (and lets not get started on my surname), but my spelling’s in the Bible. You can’t really beat the Bible for historical precedent! To be fair, I imagine that this just slipped under the radar since the font size is no doubt too small to see on a computer screen without zooming in. It’s rare I see spelling errors in this magazine, so I’ll let this one slide.

Seeing my work in print is pretty cool, even though it’s not the first time I’ve appeared in the magazine. It’s always cool to know that thousands of fellow gamers are going to be reading my work and that a lot of those are going to be able to make use of it in their regular game. It’s also neat to hear such encouraging comments both here and on the Paizo forums.

I notice that among various minor edits for clarity and so forth, Dragon has edited out a use of the “-4 to armour class” curse. Specifically, I originally wrote it that one could also burden an opponent with a -4 penalty to natural armour (minimum 0). I’d be interested in finding out if anyone has come up with further uses for bestow curse (or its big brother greater bestow curse which I am glad to see resurrected from the most interesting Book of Vile Darkness).

Guess Who’s In the Latest Dragon?

posted Wednesday, September 20th 2006 by Jonathan Drain
News, Reviews & Culture

The latest Dragon magazine should be on the shelves now. The cover sports a particularly excellent picture of Vecna, who I think we can all agree is the coolest deity in D&D. Almost as cool as Vecna on the cover is the “36 chilling curses”. Yeah, that’s mine.

You know how bestow curse says “You may also invent your own curse, but it should be no more powerful than those described above”? Well, I did – thirty-three of them, to be precise. The editors must have added three more, so it’s nice to see that the article is inspiring people to write their own original curses.

The article of mine is named “Bestowed Curses”, my third printed in Dragon. I haven’t received my copy yet but I hear it’s illustrated by Andrew Hou, who is perhaps my favourite Dragon/Dungeon illustrator after Wayne “running at forty-five degree angles” Reynolds.

I’m going to make it quite simple here: Here’s the link to buy this month’s issue, and here’s the link to buy a twelve month subscription. It’s only the top D&D magazine there is, so why aren’t you spending your $3.25 a month to subscribe?

Shooting Dice

posted Sunday, September 10th 2006 by Jonathan Drain
Links and ResourcesNews, Reviews & Culture

It’s been a while since I last update, so here’s a link to keep you satiated: Shooting Dice, an RPG blog.

As a bonus link, here’s John H Kim’s List of RPG Blogs and Links.

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