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Halo of Umberlee’s Emissary

posted Saturday, December 17th 2005 by Jonathan Drain
Game MaterialMagic Items & GearThird EditionWondrous Items

A powerful magic item created by an even more powerful cleric of Umberlee, the Halo of Umberlee’s Emissary appears as a crown made of coral and the skeletons of small underwater creatures. It hovers slightly above the wearer’s head, granting them a +5 competence bonus to all Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.

Moderate enchantment; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, enthrall or wieldskill, creator must be a cleric of Umberlee; Price: 10,000gp; Weight: 1 lb.

This item was created by my former DM, Conor Murphy.


  1. Scudley

    December 26th, 2007

    O_o OMG.

    o_o Its full of pies..


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